Java Programming

The class was very immersive. Everything was covered in detail. There were also some fun competitions present that encouraged me to learn the material.”

Summer 2018


Revolutonize Thinking

Are you scared of how well your child will adapt in highschool? Don't worry, many are! However, with this course, students recieve the focused attention they need to conceptually visualize abstract ideas!

No more "What's going on?" ever again!

Impact the New Generation

As students come into high school, they must think of a future career path. This course hopes to make that decision a little bit easier.

No more "What will I do in life?" ever again!

Make Learning Simple

With a custom online website, students can submit assignments, view grades or review in class content with premier convenience!

No more "What's the homework?" ever again!

Next Group?

Due to popular demand, I am kicking off a new group! To register, contact Akshat Jain at (832) 691-0295.

Register now! Spots are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Time

    Saturday & Sunday
    10 AM - 12PM

  • Date

    September 15 - Novemeber 18

  • What

    20 Focused Sessions
    10 Ambitious Students

  • Fee Information

    $400 to Register

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The Teacher...

My name is Akshat Jain. I am a senior at Obra D. Tompkins High School and currently work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a Software Engineering Intern .

Computer Science History

I started learning Computer Science in the 7th grade when I used the Scratch tool to create small games. This was fun to me but I never saw myself going deep into the field. In 9th grade, I took AP Computer Science 1. I instantly fell in love with the complexity of the data structures and the ability to find solutions. Programming was no longer just for making games for me. It was my personal form of expression where I could create effecient designs to solve real-world problems. I soon expanded my knowledge outside of Java to web, game and mobile development. In this course, I utilize my web design skills to Make Learning Simple, a mission of mine as a teacher.

Teaching History

I started teaching kids in the 6th grade when I held after school personal tutions for elementary kids. I went over the essential Math and Science concepts that they were learning in class. Soon after, I taught more advanced Math and Science concepts such as Pre-Algebra and Geometry as i progressed in Middle School and High School. I started my first Java Programming Course in the summer of 2017 in hopes to ease the fright against 'AP Computer Science 1' in high school. The course was successful as all my students passed their AP exam and experienced great success in their Computer Science class. Since then, I taught two more groups, both having the same pattern of success. I hope to continue this success with the fourth group coming this fall.